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                                                                                          Only the educated are free.


Who are we?
We are Gymnasium №24.

School №24 was founded in 1915 as a primary school. Since 1955 it has been a comprehensive school with advanced studying of the English language. In 2001 it was qualified as Municipal Gymnasium №24.

  Our Gymnasium is considered one of the most efficient educational centre in the city. The philosophy of it is to develop the intellectual, social, moral, creative and physical aspects of each student to his/her fullest potential. Primarily we want our students to be educated in such a way that they can find their places in a global society as individuals with freedom of thought, self-confidence, self-motivation, morality and the skills necessary to solve personal, social, and economic problems using available technology.


Education range in our Gymnasium exists to suit even the most specific of needs. The core subjects are English, Russian and Literature. English is taught from the 1st grade and up the graduation. Every year our students take part in the English language contests and are the tops. («English Bulldog», Olympiads, «The Experts», «English with Pleasure»). Literature and Russian provide a valuable introduction to both language skills and textual analyses techniques which are fundamental to successful academic study. These subjects help students to broaden and intensity their appreciation of a wide variety of speech and writing. The students enjoy studying and are eager to develop any experiments with the languages. Mathematics is an essential requirement for studying in Gymnasium. Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry are studied by all students. The rest of the subjects, called foundations, include Chemistry, Technology, Arts, Biology, History, Geography, Physics and Physical Education.


         High qualified teachers work in our Gymnasium. They assist students in the development, evaluation and attainment of their personal goals.

         We want our students to understand their rights and responsibilities as active participants in our democratic society. And we hope that this development must be shared responsibility among parents, teachers, students and the community.

Municipal Gymnasium №24 is located:

Belozerskaya Street, 12/1

Tomsk, 634003


Phone №:8-382 2- 653-062, 65-88-48

E-mail: vita@ms.tusur.ru


bus 2, 3, 9, 20, 22, 23, 26  “Dom Radio”
bus 11,13, 24 “Yakovleva”
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